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february  09, 2020 -

The team worked to optimize the antenna for 15 mt, we changed from 5 el to 6 el OWA


december 15, 2019 -  New setup antenne:

  • 10 mt: 5 element yagi at 14 meters to ground
  • 15 mt: 5 element yagi at 18 meters to ground, work in progress for upgrade to 6 element OWA
  • 20 mt: 5 element yagi at 24 meters to ground
  • 40 mt: up elevated full size vertical + 3 V inverted dipole, work in progress to 4 square
  • 80 mt: full size vertical antenna + 2 V inverted dipole
  • 160 mt: inverted L with + V inverted dipole full size
  • warc and in band station: LZ 9-6 at 15 meters to ground

November 4-5, 2017 -  We'll partecipate to Ukrainian Dx Contest this weekend. We'll be on air as IT9ZZO in Multi Operator-All Bands-Single Transmitter-Mixed category

January 9, 2015 -  We'll partecipate to CQ Bande Basse 2015 this weekend. We'll be on air as IT9ZZO in Multioperator mixed. 

December 27, 2014 - Temporarily we will use the set-up of antennas that kindly Dario IT9ZZO has made available to the team: 10mt band 5elon the 12mt high tower 10-12-15-17-20mt band LZ 9-5 on the 14mt high tower 40mt band dipole V Inverted - 80mt band vertical 18mt and L inverted - 160mt band double beverage 310° and 130°

Working in progress15mt BAND 5 el. on the 15mt hight tower - 20mt BAND hy-gain (for now) 5el. on the 21mt hight tower - 160mt BAND another beverage about 50° - 80mt and 160mt array

Our goal is to get all home made antennas!!

December 24, 2014 - OSCT's NEW WEB: We'll put the OSCT's latest news in the current page so you can follow our latest activity!

December 24, 2014 - OSCT's young team: The Team OSCT renews giving the opportunity to young people to continue the testing activities antennas and contest with the support of those who contributed to the continuity of our hobby.

November 25, 2014 - IB9O - Special contest call: We have got the Special Contest Call IB9O